Top 40 Red and Gold Nails

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Red and gold nails are the epitome of classic luxury. They bring about a sort of old world elegance and fanciness to your manicure. Whether you use acrylic or gel, bright red or deep red polish, or gold glitter, flakes, or paint, you will always create a beautiful effect when you choose to wear red and gold nails. Here are the top 40 red and gold nail designs that will turn heads and make you feel confident, sparkly, and elegant all day and night!

Simple is beautiful

You don’t need to spend more than fifteen minutes on red and gold nail designs for your nails to be beautiful. Simplicity is very sexy, and these photos will give you proof of that! If you’re a busy person, and you don’t have time to be slaving over your fingernails, these red and gold nails are for you. Simply swipe on some polish and be on your way!

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